dmdcreative photography | About
A creative eye takes a special element. With my photography I hope to capture the element. I want to showcase the memories of time and to capture real life by putting it in print for everyone to see. Photography has always been a hobby, and in the recent years, I have worked to develop my craft as a profession. I am most passionate about travel photography, as it gives people the opportunity to experience something they may not see on their own.

Full-time firefighter, anytime photographer

When he’s not putting out fires, rescuing people from crunched cars, or helping little old ladies with home improvement projects, Dave is out searching for the perfect photo opp or touching up his masterpieces into works of art. What was an amateur’s hobby is now a labor of love—scrolling through hundreds of photos to find a few standouts to publish and carrying a camera non-stop to snap what could be “the one” that propels his work into the spotlight. He’s modest, not realizing the enormity of his talent. When he’s told that even the shots he took on so-called bad day could be framed, he replies he wishes everyone saw his work that way. His hard-outside-sensitive-inside persona allows him to take a risk, to travel cross country alone for weeks to take the photographs of a lifetime, building a portfolio to show to the world; while at the same time, he can appreciate the simple things like his lab, Jasper, clenching his favorite red frisbee or when a sunset turns to lightning in the midst a storm near the Bay area coastline.

A man that may seem somewhat ordinary to some upon first meeting is seen in a different light-- complex, after viewing his work and his passion for perfection. His realization that he will continually strive to be better, to produce crisper, sharper, more creative pieces, is what makes him extraordinary. A spoonful of Ben and Jerry’s, a walk with Jasper, few things excite him more than turning a basic scene into something people will study and find a new appreciation for. A macro focus for a busy bee on a fuzzy flower, a piece of rod iron turned to black-and-white-intrigue, a baby orangutan swinging excitedly from rope to rope, a piece of history highlighted with a change in saturation, an architectural element changed with aperture, rough water smoothed in slow shutter—all moments captured with his creative eye and archived for continual view. Making his own art, perfecting his craft, loving life with Jasper all make this anytime photographer with ambitious talent, a visionary for photography with a creative eye.